Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Blog 1 - Case Study Abstract

Hi there! Welcome to my blog. Here I will be sharing weekly posts relating to my thoughts on in-class lectures, online content, and my own personal case study.

For my case study, I chose a collection of religious memes that I found online, which all reflect themes referring to Christianity & Republicanism.

Christianity is built on the foundational belief that Jesus Christ was crucified for the sins of humankind and ascended into Heaven, giving the world eternal life after death. Christianity is closely associated with the Republican Party and is shown in the first tenet of Republicanism. Republicans believe in “the basic and absolute human right to exist; that this gift of life is gifted by God, and predicates the existence of all other rights.” Republicanism is associated with conservative beliefs, such as limited government, self-reliance, and traditional American values. However, over time, these conservative beliefs have been skewed into the perception that Republicans are close-minded and unsympathetic. This perspective is illustrated through several “Republican Jesus” memes, which are described below. 

The first photo depicts “traditional” Jesus Christ on the left and “Republican Jesus” on the right. “Republican Jesus” is shown, listing several negative things he would do (cut food stamp benefits, block equality rights). Through this photo collage, Republicanism is framed in a very negative light.

The second photo shows Jesus Christ posing with a rifle. The photo claims that “Republican Jesus” will only love people if they are “American, Republican, Christian, White, Straight, and Male.” This photo represents the “close-mindedness” that many believe the Republican Party possesses.

Through research and analysis of my collection of memes (the rest of which are shown below), I will examine how the relationship between religion and political parties is depicted online. Specifically, I will explore how memes like “Republican Jesus” are used in the 2016 presidential election as a tool to intentionally portray Republicanism in an unfavorable light.









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